Francine M. Ducharme , M.D. , M.Sc. , FRCPC
    Francine M. Ducharme
    Research Axis
    Infectious Diseases and Acute Care Axis
    Research Theme
    Respiratory health

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    • Pediatrician, clinical epidemiologist and researcher, CHU Sainte-Justine
    • Full Time Professor, Department of Pediatrics, University of Montreal
    • Affiliate Professor, Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, University of Montreal

    Research Interests

    • Pediatric asthma
    • Efficacy & safety profile of interventions for acute, viral-induced, and persistent childhood asthma
    • Instrument development for preschool-aged asthmatic children
    • Systematic reviews of randomised controlled trials
    • Clinical epidemiology (Design and methods)
    • Knowledge translation – implementation trials

    Research Topics

    • Efficacy and safety profile of high-dose vitamin D supplementation in reducing the severity of asthma attacks in preschool children with moderate-to-severe asthma attacks: a randomized clinical trial.
    • Establishment and validation of threshold values for the severity of obstruction measured by the oscillometry technique in children aged 3 to 17.
    • Proof of concept of lung function measurement using the reverse occlusion technique.
    • Effect of intravenous magnesium sulfate on respiratory distress in children with moderate-to-severe asthma attacks resistant to optimized emergency treatment: a randomized clinical trial.
    • Early determinants of significant airway obstruction in children with asthma: a retrospective cohort.
    • Helping children breathe easier: improving health and quality of life in asthmatic children.

    Career Summary

    Dr. Ducharme is a pediatrician and clinical epidemiologist who cares for children with asthma. She leads a productive career as a physician, professor and research mentor. She has trained numerous scientists and physicians, including many who hold academic positions in Australia, Canada, the USA, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Kuwait and the UK. Her research focuses on improving the treatment, management and morbidity of pediatric asthma. Dr. Ducharme has developed many research instruments specifically designed for use with children including a number that are now used in clinical work to assist healthcare professionals, researchers and children and their families in improving asthma management. Her studies focus on educational and drug interventions as well as those that are aimed at improved guideline compliance in healthcare professionals, patients and their families.

    Dr. Ducharme has secured uninterrupted support through awards and research grants and won many prestigious prizes that underscore her contribution to research. Her research program has produced a number of publications and led to numerous invitations as a provincial, national and international guest speaker. Dr. Ducharme has been the Pediatric Co-Editor of the Cochrane Airways Review Group since its inception in 1995. She is also the Co-Chair of the Asthma Clinical Assembly of the Canadian Thoracic Society and been responsible for writing and publishing guidelines on asthma in Canada.

    Awards and Distinctions

    1. 2023: Invited Professor for the 2023 Brian J. Sproule Lectureship in recognition of an indvidual’s outstanding contribution as medical pioneer, innovator and caregiver in respiratory health. Research Centre, University of Calgary, Edmonton, Canada
    2. 2023: Jeffrey M. Drazen, M.D., Visiting Professorship, Harvard Medical School, in recognition of an individual’s outstanding contribution to the advancement of respiratory science.
    3. 2023: Recipient of the 2023 CIHR-ICRH/CTS Distinguished Lecturer Award in Respiratory Sciences [Canadian Institute of Health Research’s Institute of Circulatory and Respiratory Health and the Canadian Thoracic Society Award in Respiratory Sciences] in recognition of an individual's outstanding contribution to the advancement of respiratory sciences both in Canada and internationally. 
    4. 2023: Awardee of the 2022 Price of excellence of the College of physicians of Quebec. The Award of Excellence honors a physician for his outstanding achievements in the clinical, research or teaching field and whose outstanding contribution makes a significant difference for the medical community or the evolution of the profession.
    5. 2022: Awardee of the 2022 Award of excellence in Research of the Department of Pediatrics. The Award of Excellence honors a physician for his outstanding achievements in research and whose outstanding contribution makes a significant difference for the pediatric community.  

    Major financing

    • 2024-2029
      Effect of Intravenous Magnesium versus Placebo on Respiratory Distress Among Children with Refractory Acute Asthma in the Emergency Department-a Randomized Clinical Trial (MAGICIAN trial)
      Schuh S (PI), Alqurashi W, Coates A, Ducharme FM, Elliott J, Eltorki M, Finkelstein Y, Freedman S, Gravel J, Johnson D, Klassen T, Wells GA,  Zemek R
      Canadian Institute of Health Research (Application #506529) 
    • 2023-2025
      Impact de la stimulation du nerf vague sur la fonction respiratoire chez les asthmatiques
      Iorio-Morin C, Weil A, Ducharme FM, Prauld JP, Fontaine R, Couillard S
      Réseau de recherche en santé respiratoireConcours Projet Intersectoriel
    • 2021-2025
      495 000 $
      Improving asthma controller medication in children with asthma – the unexplored contribution of behavioural sicences
      Drouin O (PI), Barnett, T, Ducharme FM, Fleegler E, Lavoie K, Sultan S, Tse SM.
      Collaborateurs: Benchimo K, Garg A, Zhao J.
      Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR #461392) 
    • 2021-2023
      30 000 $
      The Role of Modifiable Maternal, Perinatal, and Early Life Factors as Predictors of Asthma Control in Preschoolers
      Ospina M (PI), Ducharme FM (co-PI),Blais L, Kozyrskyj A, Kumar M, Rosychuk R, Tse SM
      Breathe, Canadian Lung Association 
    • 2020-2023
      4 224 996 $
      Prevention of COVID-19 with Oral Vitamin D supplemental Therapy in Essential healthCare Teams (PROTECT)
      Ducharme FM (PI), Tremblay C (Co-PI), Ste-Marie L-G, Coviello D, White J, Platt R, Gloshi S, Longo C, Thanh-Quach C.
      Instituts de recherche en santé du Canada (IRSC no 172650)


    1. Oct 2023: Invited Professor – 2 days - 2 presentations
      Jeffrey Drazen Visiting Professor
      My pediatric patient with asthma: your future adult one?Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital Partners Asthma Centre, Harvard UniversityBoston, USA
    2. July 2023: Speaker - Recent developments in the assessment and management of asthma in children aged 1 to 12 years old
      World Congress of Asthma 2023
      Vancouver, Canada
    3. June 2022: Speaker – Long-term outcome of preschool asthma
      King’s John Price Conference
      London, United Kingdom
    4. August 2022: Speaker – Pediatric reference values for respiratory sinusoidal oscillometry in children aged 3 to 17 years: analytic challenges
      6th Annual Montreal Oscillometry Summer Seminar
      Montreal, Québec, Canada
    5. May 2022: Speaker - Clinical Utility of Oscillometry in childhood asthma: Where are we now?
      Symposium Thorasys at the American Thoracic Society 2022, San Francisco, California, United States


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    5. Schuh S, Freedman SB, Zemek R, Plint AC, Johnson DW, Ducharme FM, et al. Association Between Intravenous Magnesium Therapy in the Emergency Department and Subsequent Hospitalization Among Pediatric Patients With Refractory Acute Asthma: Secondary Analysis of a Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA Network Open 2021;4(7):e2117542. doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2021.17542 (Impact factor :13.35) 
    6. *Longo C, Blais L, Brownell M, Quail JM, Sadatsafavi M, Forget A, Turcot M-A, Li W, Tavakoli H, Tan Q, Fan Y, Platt RW, Ducharme FM. Association between asthma control trajectories in preschoolers on their long-term asthma control. J Allergy Clin Immunol Pract 2022: May;10(5):1268-1278.e7.doi: 10.1016/j.jaip.2021.12.033. Epub 2022 Jan 17. (Impact factor 14.29)
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