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Multidisciplinary Council

More than 1,515 professionals from 58 different job titles, under the Multidiscplinary Directorates who can also work in the following directorates: Educational Directorate, Clinical Services Directorate, Research Directorate, Human Resources Directorate and the Medical and Academic Affairs Directorate.

These professionals are assigned to the following service points:

  • CHU Sainte-Justine,
  • Marie Enfant Rehabilitation Centre (CRME),
  • Specialized schools affiliated with the CRME.

Our members

All persons holding a college or university degree and performing functions for the institution which are specific to the field of activity in which the diploma was granted and which are directly related to health services, social services, research or teaching can be members of the council.  However, nurses, physicians, pharmacists, dentists and midwives are excluded.

Responsibilities of the MC

  • To the Board of Directors
    “The MC is responsible for forming, whenever required, the joint committees needed to assess and improve the quality of professional activities; making recommendations on the proper distribution of care and services dispensed by its members to ensure quality services; carrying out any other function entrusted to it by the board of directors.”  (a. 227 of the LSSSS).
  • To the Executive Director
    “ The MC is responsible for giving its opinion on the following questions: the scientific and technical organization of the centre; the means to be used to assess and maintain the professional standards of its members; any other matter brought to its attention by the executive director.”  (a. 228 of the LSSSS).
  • To its members
    The MC acts as an advocate for the various clinical situations of its members with the various responsible bodies of CHU Sainte-Justine.  The Council oversees the conditions required for dispensing high quality health care and services to both children and parents.

The Multidisciplinary Council brochure: dépliant CM

The following document provides information about the Council’s internal rules and regulations, as approved by the Administrative Committee on February 10, 2010: règlements

Executive Committee

  • President
    Hélène Sabourin, physiothérapeute
  • Vice-president
    Kathy Malas, orthophoniste
  • Secretary-Treasurer
    Caroline Fiset, technologiste médicale
  • Counsellors
    Marie-Jean Cournoyer, nutritionniste
    Stéfanie Tran, ergothérapeute
    Julie Letendre, physiothérapeute
    Martin Cyr, ingénieur en biomédical
    Alina Parapuf, perfusionniste
  • Representative for the Board of Directors
    Yves Théorêt, Pharmacologist
  • Director général
    Dr Fabrice Brunet
  • Deputy Director
    Maryse St-Onge

The following is a list of members of the Multidisciplinary Council Executive Committee:

Annual report 2010-2011

Rapport annuel 2010-2011

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