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What is the preferred approach to the design of new spaces?

CHU Sainte-Justine adopts a patient-centered approach to providing health care services based on the world’s best practices.  This approach focuses on patient care and any needed follow-ups in their home environment through the use of innovative and proven technology.   This approach also encourages knowledge sharing with families and colleagues of the healthcare network.

How will this design improve patient care?

As a university hospital centre that specializes in mother and child health activities, CHU Sainte-Justine promotes a human approach to health care services, centered on the child’s development and on the family. The hospital design and layout will be developed to meet the needs of patients, families and staff members:

  • Individual rooms;
  • Natural light;
  • Noise level management;
  • Separate spaces dedicated to patients, their family and staff members;
  • Comfortable furnishings for caring for families;
  • Meeting and gathering rooms for families.

  In this new environment, CHU Sainte-Justine will contribute its skills to health care professionals and the overall population, thanks in large part to their telemedicine programs thereby transferring those skills throughout the entire territory   

How will this new concept better meet the needs of patients, staff and neighbours?

The Grandir en santé (Growing Up Healthy) project offers a life-related hospital and work environment that is centered on the patients, the staff and the neighbourhood.  The healthcare environment design is based on innovative approaches and modern architectural trends such as:

  • Evidence-based design;
  • Healthcare approach centered around children and their families;
  • Therapeutic environment;
  • Health awareness;
  • Sustainable development.

What will the new buildings look like?

The construction of the two new buildings, the new Special Care Unit and the Research Centre, are part of a broader modernization project that was initiated in 2007.  This project will provide for a modern and coherent framework.  By the end of the project, the addition of new facilities will bring the total surface area of CHU Sainte-Justine to 200,000 m2, an increase of 65% over its total current surface area.  

The number of birthing rooms will be increased as well as the number of neonatology beds that will expand from 65 to 80.  Thanks to these new developments, multidisciplinary healthcare teams will now integrate health care, research and education at the patients’ care points.  CHU Sainte-Justine will now offer 419 beds in single occupancy rooms, including 261 beds in the new Special Care Unit and 158 beds in the existing renovated building. 

The new Research Centre with a total surface area of 27,500 m2 will include 82 wet laboratory modules dedicated to basic research, two stories including dry laboratory modules dedicated to clinical research, two auditoriums, common spaces and an office floor that will accommodate, among other services, the Research Directorate.  The 24 wet and dry laboratory modules currently housed in the existing building will be added to these facilities.  New laboratories will foster synergy between professional teams, a critical component for new major medical discoveries in mother and child health care.

What actions were taken to create a site that takes into account environmental considerations?

CHU Sainte-Justine strives to fulfill its vision for excellence, innovation and responsible development in a context of sustainable development and improved quality living for its patients, staff members and the community.

The redesign and development plan aims to:

  • Foster accessibility;
  • Reduce the use of road vehicles by facilitating other means of transport;
  • Enhance the comfort and energy efficiency of its pavilions;
  • Increase green spaces.  (The paved portion of the area which currently represents 50% of our site will represent only 14% of the space, after the completion of the project);
  • Obtain the BOMA BEST certification (energy and environmental performance standards for existing buildings in Canada);

Obtain the LEED® silver standard certification (international reference on sustainable development).

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