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Exploring the potential of the sperm epigenome for infertility diagnosis in men

Scientific Conference of the Unité collaborative en épigénétique moléculaire (UCEM)

Tuesday 26 February 2019 from 15:00 at 16:00


  • Sarah Kimmins, PhD
    • Associate Professor, Reproductive Biology - University McGill
    • Canada Research Chair Tier II, Epigenetics, Reproduction and Development

“Experiencing infertility was hell. There’s just no other way to put it. We felt like failures—and worse, we couldn’t understand why.” Infertility is experienced by 17% of couples. It is a complicated and poorly understood health issue, attributable about 40% of the time to female factors, 40% to male factors and unexplained about 20% of the time. In the last two decades, sperm counts in men has halved; this is thought to be due in part to increased exposure to environmental chemicals and rising rates of obesity. We aim to better understand how the sperm epigenome functions in fertility and embryo development. We are currently running clinical trails to determine how fertility and BMI are related to the sperm epigenome and fertility. In the long-term we aim to use and sperm histone and DNA methylation signatures to predict fertility and clinical outcomes.

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