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Scientific Conference of Friday Noon - Simona Lodato

An electrical take on the development of the cerebral cortex: implications for infantile epilepsies

Friday 13 November 2020 from 12:00 at 13:00


  • Simona Lodato, PhD
    • Neurodevelopmental Biology Lab Head/Group Leader (Unit Neuroscience) at Humanitas Research Center, Milano, Italy
    • Harvard University – Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology Department Allen Brain Institute – Next Generation Leader Council Advisor

The cerebral cortex contains an extraordinary diversity of excitatory projection neurons (PN) and inhibitory interneurons (IN), wired together to form complex circuits. Spatiotemporally coordinated events involving the execution of intrinsic molecular programs and activity-dependent processes contribute to cortical development, and alterations of these delicate processes have been associated with neurological/neurodevelopmental disorders. Despite the recent groundbreaking discovery of spontaneous activity in the embryonic brain, it is still unclear whether early activity contributes to shape subtype-specific neuronal identity. By combining RNA sequencing technology and in utero experimental activity perturbations, we strive to identify coupled activity and molecular modules involved in cerebral cortex development and disease.

Zoom Conference

Password: 337785

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