• Health technology
    Comprises equipment, analyses, medical examinations, medication, health intervention methods and health care organization control, to support and inform on prevention, screening, diagnostics, treatments or rehabilitation.
  • Health Technology Assessments (HTA) or Health Intervention and Technology Assessments (These two designations are synonymous)
    Systematic assessment and appraisal of technical and clinical efficiency (theory and practice), of the safety, economic costs and financial, ethical, social and legal realities relating to a given technological context, all with a goal of guiding decision-making processes.


  • Assessment report
    Comprehensive assessment of health care technologies and methods using bodies of knowledge and evidence available from documentations. This approach leads to the development of recommendations. Reports are first forwarded to the executive committee at the Health Intervention and Technology Assessment Unit and then to their steering committee.
  • Analysis report
    Document intended to support the decision-making methods of health care processes, organizational models or medications used in paediatrics.
  • Study report
    Document intended to inform applicants on the various options available to help structure and guide their reflections.
  • Systematic review
    Document that echoes the findings of the literature review related to health technologies or health intervention methods.

Quick answer

  • Opinion or information note
    Analysis and synthesis of available knowledge and know-how derived from a partial review of literature, limited to key categories of data and sources. Recommendations that emerge from this approach are limited.


  • Methodological guide
    Chart enabling applicants to pursue their assessment in their selected line of activity.
  • Assessment tools
    Document used to compile data enabling the assessment of situations.
  • Benchmarking exercise
    Questionnaire-type document to help compare practices related to key technologies or health intervention methods to that of a health care process or organizational model.
  • Data base
    Conceptualization and design of a data base to determine evaluation findings.

Field-based assessments

  • Field-based assessment
    Approach that provides a mechanism to help capture and handle quantitative and/or qualitative local, national or international data.
  • Implementation follow-up document
    Document intended to collect data for enabling the assessment and adjustment of a given situation.

Transfer of knowledge

  • Operational improvement guide
    Document produced during the course of the assessment procedure and intended to inform both the applicant and stakeholders of a specific operational action plan.
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