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Resources for friends and family

How to help grieving parents

The loss of a baby disrupts the whole family and takes a toll on everyone. You may feel a lot of sadness, fatigue, or have other difficulties as a result of this upheaval.

It will be important to take care of yourself too, because you are also going through difficult times by supporting bereaved parents.

Feel free to talk to a loved one or talk to a health professional if you need help (for example, talk to your doctor, see a therapist, or join a support group).

Here are some supplemental resources that will help you better understand perinatal bereavement and guide you as a caregiver to grieving parents. You will also find some references that offer help and support for everyone.

Resources for friends and family

Questions addressed in this video:

  • Where can we find information on perinatal bereavement?
  • How can friends and family support the parents?


Here are some suggestions for books that talk about perinatal bereavement.


  • Readings

  • Au-delà des mots

    Bachand, S., et Labrie, C. (2011). Au-delà des mots : Recueil sur le deuil périnatal. Québec : Publications du Québec.

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  • Dans ces moments-là

    Gérin, H. (2019). Dans ces moments-là : 130 idées pour offrir du soutien aux parents endeuillés de leur bébé... ou pour en recevoir de ses proches. Éditions Mille et une pépites.

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    • the Website
  • Les mots qui font du bien : Que dire quand on ne sait pas quoi dire

    Guilmartin, N. (2009). Les mots qui font du bien : Que dire quand on ne sait pas quoi dire. Montréal : Les éditions de l’Homme.

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  • Les rêves envolés

    Fréchette-Piperni, S. (2005). Les rêves envolés. Traverser le deuil d’un tout petit bébé. Boucherville, Québec : Éditions de Mortagne.

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Other resources



The CLSC in your area is a resource where you can find professional help or find out about other resources within your community.

If you already have a file open at your CLSC with a social worker, do not hesitate to contact them for resources related to perinatal bereavement.

Support line

  • Info-Social 811
    Dial 8-1-1
    • You are in a situation that is causing you anxiety.
    • You have concerns for a loved one.
    • You are experiencing family or relationship problems.
    • You are in mourning.
    • You have concerns about other situations or behaviour.
  • Suicide Action Montréal
    If you are in distress, anxious, or bereaved, call now or at ANY TIME.
    A line dedicated to suicide prevention.
  • Tel-Aide
    Tel-Aide is a service that helps to defuse a state of crisis in somebody’s life by lending a sympathetic ear. You will be able to freely express yourself, and they will help you find hope. Tel-Aide also offers help when someone’s life is in danger.

Employee Assistance Program

Find out if your employer has an employee assistance program. You could take advantage of a number of free consultations with a professional (like a psychologist, psychotherapist, social worker, etc.).

French websites

English websites


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