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Losing a baby is one of the most painful experiences to endure. To get yourself through the grieving process, it is often necessary to have help and to not do it alone.

There are many resources and organizations working to help parents and bereaved families. We strongly encourage you to not isolate yourself, which could prolong or unnecessarily augment your grief.

Here are several resources that could be useful to you depending on your needs. Some are specific to perinatal mourning, while others offer more general support.

Remember that your CLSC is an important resource that can direct you to services offered near you.


Several books deal with perinatal mourning. Here are some suggestions for books you might find in bookstores or at the local library.

Other resources

  • Readings

  • Attendre un enfant après une interruption médicale de grossesse

    De Wally, D. (2018). Attendre un enfant après une interruption médicale de grossesse. Toulouse : Éditions Érès.

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  • Readings

  • Au-delà des mots

    Bachand, S., et Labrie, C. (2011). Au-delà des mots : Recueil sur le deuil périnatal. Québec : Publications du Québec.

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    • .PDF
  • Pas peur du noir

    Bourassa, M. (2013). Pas peur du noir. Montréal : Éditions Libre Expression.

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    • .PDF
  • Fausse couche, vrai deuil

    Clément, I. et Cyr, M. (2013). Fausse couche, vrai deuil. Montréal : Éditions Caractère

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  • Dans ces moments-là

    Gérin, H. (2019). Dans ces moments-là : 130 idées pour offrir du soutien aux parents endeuillés de leur bébé... ou pour en recevoir de ses proches. Éditions Mille et une pépites.

    • Visit the Website
    • the Website
  • Surmonter la mort de l’enfant attendu

    Martineau, E. (2008). Surmonter la mort de l’enfant attendu : Dialogue autour du deuil périnatal (2e éd.). Lyon : Éditions Chroniques Sociales

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  • La cérémonie des anges

    Laberge, M. (2004). La cérémonie des anges. Montréal : Éditions du Boréal

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  • Lorsque grossesse devient tristesse

    Pinet, N. (2001). Lorsque grossesse devient tristesse. Chicoutimi : Éditions JCL.

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  • Les rêves envolés

    Fréchette-Piperni, S. (2005). Les rêves envolés. Traverser le deuil d’un tout petit bébé. Boucherville, Québec : Éditions de Mortagne.

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  • Quand la grossesse ne tourne pas rond

    Simard, J. et Zaccardelli, G. (2018). Quand la grossesse ne tourne pas rond. Saint-Hubert : Éditions Québec Amérique.

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Assistance with perinatal bereavement and future pregnancies

  • BedonZen
    Providing support for perinatal bereavement and the next pregnancy
  • Manon Cyr*
    For individuals or couples; support for siblings; pregnancy follow-up; mourning motherhood.*Expert collaborator for the documentary series Revenir les bras vides [Returning with Empty Arms]

Parent associations and support groups

  • Parents Orphelins
    Québec Association of parents grieving from pregnancy and infant loss
  • Les rêves envolés
    Support group for parents who have lost a child during or after pregnancy (Hôpital Pierre-Boucher)

It is also possible to find a support group near you by consulting the links below:

Muslim funeral services



The CLSC in your area is a resource where you can find professional help and find out about other resources within your community.

If you already have a file open at your CLSC with a social worker, do not hesitate to contact them for resources related to perinatal bereavement.


Telephone support

  • Parents Orphelins
    Québec Association of parents grieving from pregnancy and infant loss
  • Préma-Québec
    For parents of premature children
    Bereavement support; Telephone communication with Préma-Québec staff
  • Tel-Aide
    514 935-1101
    Tel-Aide is a service that helps to defuse a state of crisis in somebody’s life by lending a sympathetic ear. You will be able to freely express yourself, and they will help you find hope. Tel-Aide also offers help when someone’s life is in danger.
  • Suicide Action Montréal
    If you are in distress, anxious, or bereaved, call now or at ANY TIME.

Employee Assistance Program

Find out if your employer has an employee assistance program. You could take advantage of a number of free consultations with a professional (like a psychologist, psychotherapist, social worker, etc.).

Volunteer photographers

French websites

English websites




Questions addressed in this video:

  • What resources can we suggest to parents?
  • What is the Parents Orphelins Association?
  • What about content on the Internet?

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