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Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS)

Perinatal program for the prevention of shaken baby syndrome (PPPBSBS©)

The PPPSBS is a health promotion and early prevention program whose goal is to prevent the physical abuse of babies, particularly SBS. It was designed to raise family awareness about the physical abuse of babies in order to help them identify and prevent the triggers of SBS and enhance the use of available resources.

Phase 1

The perinatal Program for Phase 1 of the PPPSBS (immediate postnatal training) is an innovative approach tailored for the Quebec community. The program is targeted to all new parents (fathers, mothers, spouses). Nurses working in delivery units of hospital centres take part in a 3-hour training session.

They then give a brief training session of no more than a few minutes to both the parents and their spouses. Nurses use 3 information pamphlets as part of their training that are then given to the parents.

These pamphlets contain information about excessive crying, anger, and SBS. Parents participate in this training to identify practical solutions they can use in situations when their baby cries incessantly.

A study was conducted on the program, and the results were very positive. It was recommended to the MSSS to implement the PPPSBS program provincewide in 2008. The perinatal policy implementation plan (MSSS-2008) will soon begin in all hospital delivery centres and birthing centres across Quebec. The provincewide implementation of the PPPSBS is currently under way in collaboration with the MSSS. In 2007, the PPPSBS program was awarded the Prix provincial Innovation clinique by the OIIQ).

Phase 2

Phase 2 of the PPPSBS (postnatal training continues) reinforces notions of Phase 1 of the training that parents received in the hospital. In this phase, the concept of anger is discussed. When the CHUSJ was developing the program, anger was an emotion that was brought up verbatim by parents who dealt with their newborn’s excessive crying. Anger was also confirmed by numerous witnesses of abuse committed on newborn or infants. The CHUSJ understood that there is a process by which emotions gradually build up before manifesting into physical violence. Managing anger soon became the angle for a universal prevention program, first introduced as a normal and universal emotion, but which can be managed before it degenerates into child abuse.

Phase 2 of the program consists in providing a 3-hour training session to perinatal nurses and a specific training session to multidisciplinary health care teams.

Phase 2 of the program (Postnatal–CLSC) and its training materials (anger meter and other tools) are available at the CHUSJ. Implementing Phases 1 and 2 simultaneously is recommended.

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Program's summary
Development and Evaluation of a Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention Program (JOGGN)


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