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Neonatal Transport: The Team

Description of the team

The CHU Sainte-Justine’s neonatal transport team is composed of highly skilled and health care professionals.

Our neonatal transport nurses and respiratory therapists provide advanced care that is delivered in a personalized manner taking into account the needs, concerns, and well-being (physical and emotional) of both the newborn and their parents.

Team members are selected based on the following principtes:

  • They must be licensed members of their professional orders (OIIQ or OPIQ)
  • They must have a minimum of two years work experience in a neonatal intensive care program.
  • They must write an exam on neonatal intensive care and neonatal transport medicine, for which the minimum passing grade is 80%.
  • If the passing grade is obtained, candidates are then called for an interview to determine other selection criteria, such as: endurance, respect, curiosity, competence, work and social relationships, dedication, etc.
  • Retained candidates then take part in a special training and orientation program that lasts for several weeks, during which the candidates focus on patient care, health conditions, neonatal resuscitation, the particularities of transporting neonates, psychology, liaising with family members, etc.
  • A six-month probation period then takes effect.
  • Once they complete the probation period, the candidates must write and pass another exam in order to remain in the neonatal transport program.

It is a very rigorous process, but it helps us select only the best candidates for our clientele and referring hospital centres.

Neonatal transport nurses

  • Mylène Deschêne
  • Annie Parenteau
  • Jessica Di Peco
  • Véronique Auclair
  • Gabrielle Bluteau
  • Julie Tanguay
  • Justine B. Gravel
  • Christina Sansregret

Neonatal transport respiratory therapists

  • Christine Rouillard
  • Ève Savoie
  • Audrée Tremblay
  • Catherine Champagne
  • Maryline Parenteau
  • Elisabeth Gagnon Tremblay
  • Samuel Pelletier-Veilleux

Neonatal Transport Coordination Committeee

  • Justine Giroux
    Head Nurse, Neonatal Transport and Resuscitation
  • Sophie Gravel
    Coordinator, Neonatology, hospitalisation Unit
  • Audrey Larone Juneau
    Nursing Staff Manager, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Christian Lachance M.D. Néonatalogiste
    Co-gestionnaire de plateau

Requesting our team’s assistance means that you will receive exemplary care and a safe and professional transport service.


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