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In-hospital Schooling Services

Yes, there is a school in the hospital!

In-hospital school services are provided through the School Adaptation Services Program of the Commission scolaire de Montréal. Our team works closely with the child’s school so that they can keep up with their studies and complete their school year.

For children who are registered in a regular school program, classes in French and Mathematics are provided. Other adapted school programs are also offered. Like the child’s school, our in-hospital school services team can grade all the students’ school work and exams.

At the end of their stay in the hospital, a report card is sent to their school. Our team works together with and provides support to school staff to ensure the child’s reintegration. It also looks after meeting any of the child’s needs in order to resume their studies.


In-hospital school services are provided to

  • Children in preschool (5 years), elementary school, and high school;
  • Children who are hospitalized for long-term care (more than two weeks) or for short-term repeat care.

This service applies to hospitalized children who belong to

  • French-language school boards across Quebec and outside of Quebec,
  • French-language public or private schools

To have access to this service, a request must be made with the care unit.

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A three-step service

  1. Step 1
    As soon as the child is admitted to the hospital, our in-hospital school services team begins working together with the child’s parents and school. With the parents’ authorization, the director and teacher of our service make contact with the child’s school to make arrangements so that the child can continue on with their curriculum at a pace that is suitable to their health situation.
  2. Step 2
    At the hospital, our teachers work closely with the medical team treating the child. They take into consideration the medical team’s clinical requirements when planning their pedagogical interventions. Depending on the student’s state of health, the amount of time allotted to their schooling is 30 to 60 minutes per day. To avoid falling behind in their school work, students may even write their exams at the hospital.

    During the child’s stay, our in-hospital school services team provides the parents and the school with followup reports, either by phone or by e-mail.

  3. Step 3
    Once at home and back in school, our team conducts followups with the parents and school staff to finalize all of the steps regarding the child’s reintegration. Their interventions and recommendations may also be included in the Adapted Intervention Plan (Plan d’intervention adapté - PIA) of the student who received our services.

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